Thursday, March 9, 2017

Working Out While on a Keto Diet

The biggest question I had before starting this diet was whether or not I would lose strength and muscle mass.

Yesterday I did my first work out after I started the diet. Going in to the workout I assumed that I would be significantly weaker as a result of being in ketosis. The results were a bit surprising to me.

I wasn't weaker at first. In fact I felt a little stronger in the beginning of the work out. As the workout went on I started getting much more tired than when I was eating slow carbs.

Complex Carbs Helped Me Sustain During Workouts

I follow the Candito Linear Programming by Jonnie Candito. It's an amazing program, especially for beginners. I'm just starting my third month as I begin the keto diet and have already seen some amazing results.

Before the Candito Linear I was doing SL5x5 for about a year. Out of the two I would recommend the Candito program if you're able to work out 4 days a week. If you're only able to work out 3 days a week do SL5x5. Both are good for beginners and can be continued as you build more and more strength. 

I've been eating a slow carb diet that involved eating a balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables. This diet really allowed me to push through workouts. Workouts were hard but I was able to get through them without much complaining.

On keto the first workout was a little different. I had a little more strength in the beginning of the work out but I started becoming more and more tired as the work out progressed. 

Despite my being tired, I was able to push through the workout in the same amount of time as all my other work outs. I was also able to at least increase the weight in most of my lifts. If I couldn't increase the weight I was able to keep it the same or reach the same reps. 

Overall, my first work out on keto felt good. Even after the keto fast I did, I felt like I didn't lose any strength.

So far so good. Let's hope this progress keeps going.